Unlock Your Creativity

Get an inside look into the creative minds of industry giants like Ne-Yo, Ziggy Marley, Joe Walsh, George Clinton, Stewart Copeland, and more, with our exclusive Let's Talk Music interview series. Topics are broken into short videos so you can get to the content most relevant to you.

Level Up Your Music Skills

Need to get your theory and ear training skills off the ground? Have you wanted to use Pro Tools but haven't had the time to get started? Learn these skills with our practical courses in music production, songwriting, music performance, and more!

Quick Tips for Quick Improvement

Get inspiring bite-sized lessons with our award-winning faculty to give your skills a boost.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

Love all of it!

Gemma H.

I took the entire Songwriting 100 class (A-H), and it was great. I learned so much about songwriting and composition. The instructor was clear, concise, and professional; he could explain concepts in layman's terms which made it easier to wrap my head around.

Easy to Understand

Stefania C.

The content is well-explained, and the exercises are super interesting to practice.


  • Is LACM Stream Now really 100% free?

    Yes! You won't need to enter a credit card number or any other form of payment when enrolling. We want to give everyone the opportunity to see some of what we offer at our Pasadena campuses.

  • What do I get with the courses included in the All Access Pass?

    You will receive downloadable PDFs, video lectures, audio examples, knowledge checks and tests, and exercises to practice your new skills.

  • How long does each course take to complete?

    Each course is designed to address a specific topic and should take 1-2 hours on average to complete. Most individual lessons within a course average 5-10 minutes so you can work through as little or as much as you want and develop your new skills quickly.

  • What do I receive at the end of each course?

    At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

  • Is there any interaction with the course instructor?

    For a fee, we do offer one-on-one instruction with LACM faculty members. Please contact support@lacm.edu for more information.

*LACM Stream Now is not a degree-granting program. For our degree-granting programs, please visit lacm.edu